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Swarm UP Part 1

Horus’s long piece was the first time I have gotten a fellow practicing professional make a statement about our PRESENT state and policy. So I want to do what I so often do:


I have split it into four parts, one part will be presented each day so you can examine it closely. This was a big job that Horus has no real time for, so he MADE time.

It is statement that I need to make the move from begging a few people to use the Mantra for years to our present state.

Please read it carefully, and comment carefully.

The following article is from Horus:

The Swarm is now open to any and all links once again. Prior to White Rabbit Radio the Swarm did not exist so I always feel a special responsibility to those in the Swarm, especially those new to the Swarm. The last thing we want are new Bugsters getting frustrated over all their comments getting blocked for various reasons. Youtube and other internet sites changed their rules overnight.

You can review some of the links over at the CofCC.

In general, Pro-Whites own the Net. Some people laugh when I say that, but the enemy knows it and they are even starting to admit it. We know that some of these new rules were specifically designed because of our activities. So we issued some new guideline and wanted to check out a few things from our sources.

If any of you post links and you notice that the comments are not showing up on the Swarm target, slow down on posting links. There were a few trusted Bugsers who reported that their comments were disappearing from places like Youtube after they posted links on the Swarm. This happened quite a few times to only some of the Swarm and is something we will continue to monitor. In other words, some of you are being tailgated. When someone starts tailgating you so they can mark your comments as spam or something, well you know what to do.

Youtube is enforcing community guidelines. Of course, they are only going out of their way to enforce them on us. This means that if you have a Youtube Channel, you are going to have to approve/moderate all the comments. If you approve a comment or two that goes against their “community guidelines”, expect to get shut down.

The programs that run Youtube cannot thoroughly police itself so they run various searches on the comment sections looking for key words or some repetition of key words. In short, they are making every channel holder police themselves and if they catch you approving anything that goes against their community guidelines they shut down your channel. If you are using Youtube via TOR or other anonymous proxies, you can also expect to have your account shut down eventually. No big deal if you are planning ahead and you have multiple different accounts.