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Bob Reports on the State of the BUGS went from theme to theme, but it was a search for the weapon my people needed. It took ten yeas, but we settled on the message that “assimilation” is not “mixing the races,” it is the destruction of ONE race — OURS.

It is a great truth, but it is also a foothold, BECAUSE it is an UNDENIABLE truth: anti-racism is entirely ant-white.

Very, very few people have any memory except that which is remembered in the press. So our victory has already been forgotten as others press on. But that is the second Bob Lesson you should learn from BOB:

Listen to the Silence.

They are screaming bloody murder at our Mantra attack, but there are those on our side who are already attacking it as a giant conspiracy.

I told you before that our tiny Populist Forum, three people and no bank account, was described in the Communist Daily World as a “heavily financed, giant organization” because we were in there representing actual workers, something the Commies hadn’t done in decades.

In fact, there are a number of examples where my efforts were described as a “conspiracy.”

What is particularly humorous about these descriptions of my “conspiracies“ were, as now, being screamed at the time I was as much isolated from the “leadership” to which all the loyalty and money went as I was until Don Black’s brilliant interview.

In the case of getting Reagan into the White House, my Don Black was William Rusher, the first publisher of National Review.

When the Republican Party was as anti space as the Democrats, I was on the staff of John Ashbrook, and he, on my word, got the weekend we needed desperately and we beat the destruction of the Hubble Telescope and the Jupiter Orbital Probe, then in their fledgling stages, four to one on the House Floor.

And in each case, my victories went down the Memory Hole. But I wasn’t after the memory, I was after the reality. The USSR is down and the Hubble Telescope is up

Good people are urging me to improve BUGS. Like everything else I do, the search for a purpose and the purpose achieved has gone down the Memory Hole.

BUGS begat White Rabbit, hundreds of YouTubes of enormous quality and, once again, I get the reward of watching anti-whites foam at the mouth.

If BUGS goes down and leaves confusion behind, you simply haven’t been listening.

The whole point of BUGS is not BUGS, it is YOU.

All my life I have left the other side devastated and blaming it all on some Lobbies or Republicans, who had less than nothing to do with it. They were my main opposition.

That is because of the whole way my warfare is prosecuted.

The very existence of BUGS now is as your cheerleader and more advice from Bob which you are free to reject.

White Rabbit has taken over our message, and I am awed by him.

But I have no plans for BUGS. You can join the White Rabbit if you want to donate. If Don keeps it up, you may have a leader there. It is their job to be sure they have HEIRS and that their purpose does not simply end up being money raising.

Keep up the contacts you make in BUGS.

FORM a friggin conspiracy, we could USE one.

I have given you, not only free but at a little expense to myself, advice that has been priceless throughout my life.

If you don’t appreciate it, don’t feel bad. The human feces I have trampled over for over fifty years STILL talk about my accomplishments with a rage that warms my black little heart.

And they LITERALLY never knew what hit ‘em.