Archive for September 3rd, 2012


I am so grateful to have found this blog, Bob and all the people here. Nothing else in the pro-White movement is close. BUGS is peerless.

Horus/White Rabbit has produced great stuff. Same with Beefcake and I am leaving people out. For the first time (in the pro-White world), I feel like I am on the side of WINNERS. You all ACT like people fighting genocide, not people having debates over IQ levels or whatnot. You also come across as what I might call Righteous Victims fighting for survival, not scary people looking to hurt anyone. The substance AND style is great. And so is the spirit of constant improvement through experimentation, judging things based on RESULTS.

And for the first time with regard to being pro-White, I have that odd feeling you get when you KNOW you are ahead of the social curve on something. I’m not looking to be “cool”, but it is nice to know we were “in the know” long before anyone else (most of you long before me).

Thanks, Jason. You are a good part of the reason we have a winning attitude.