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“Don’t judge me!”

We’ve all heard the PC line “You shouldn’t judge others.”

Let me make this clear for you: “YOU shouldn’t judge others.” What they mean is only a judge is allowed to do this.

As Bob has pointed out: a judge is just a lawyer in a dress. So the only thing that makes their OPINION nice and legal is everybody bowing down and kissing their feet.

This is akin to the Mommy Professors and their “expert opinion“. If they were such experts in their field they would be EMPLOYED in that field. So the old saying goes: “Those that can do, those who can’t teach.”

So, anyway, we are told the above. “Judge” means to form an opinion. So what they are telling us to do is bow down and worship the one true opinion – for you see, thinking is not for us lowah clahss types, our opinions are ignorant unless they agree with the uppah clahsses.