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Political Correctness is a Religion, and an Old Time Religion at That

We all have heard of a Propositional State. Lincoln declared that America is founded on the principle that all men are created equal. This is called the Propositional State, where citizenship has nothing to do with where you were born, your parents, or what you have done. As the respectable conservative George Will put it, “A Frenchman is a Frenchman. A German is a German. But America is a Propositional State which means that if you agree with the Proposition, you are an American.”

And if you cease to believe in that proposition, you cease to be an American.

Catholic colonies were all Propositional States. You were allowed to LIVE there only if you were Catholic — or Jewish. All Catholic colonies followed the policy of declared racial asimilacion (Brazil asimilacao as I remember) assimilation, that new tolerant policy all white countries have now. They officially encouraged intermarriage because it was Catholics marrying Catholics.

There was, of course, a mild intolerance for those who were non-Catholics, the stake and that stuff, but the basis was the Propositional State and assimilation.

Australia, New Zealand, the United States, Canada, these huge white homelands were developed precisely because they finally REJECTED the Propositional State.

The Church of Political Correctness, which declares itself to be a total rejection of the Pope, goes on exactly the same basis the Spanish Inquisition did.