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A Hot Potato that WILL Be Handled

I am not going to presume to teach David Duke his business. He remains one of my heroes and the only man who dares stand where he does.

At the East Tennessee meeting, after Horus and I handed out the Mantra and were allowed to speak first, a fact appreciated by a tired old man, David explained why he does not use the Mantra. David is dealing in hundreds of millions of hits each week, and when he switches from talking about Jews to speaking as a white man for whites he gets a huge drop.

Dr. Duke, out in the real world, finds defense of the white race as a white man, a losing proposition.

No matter how we may bitch about that, he is out there in the real world getting a real and enormous audience. He and Don get sniped enough by people who do nothing and attack them for ideological impurity or say they are underground Israeli agents, and I am not going to join that crowd.

Dave’s response is therefore non-racial. He advocates that all races should be preserved as a sort of Whole Earth thing that appeals to his audience.

So there we have it. He will advocate white survival, but only very obliquely and only very carefully.

Don Black found the Mantra approach very useful in a short press interview, but it is not the basis of a viable large-scale program.


Well, if white survival was practical in the short term someone would have taken it up.

I did predict that a 9/11 would take center stage a couple of years before 9/11. I did point out that the Clintons were running on the basis of being “white blacks,” and, long before she went down in flames to Obama, I said that after all these years of supporting white Democrats who represented blacks, they would soon demand a real, honest-to-God BLACK man.

And the group which will represent whites, by far the most powerful racial group, when each group has spokesmen, will demand white survival.

It gives you an idea how hard this will be to do when you consider that even David Duke can’t do it.

But, like 9/11 and the actual black president, it will come to pass.