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Genetic Morality

Genetic engineering is going to be a hell of a problem. Who will want children who are as ugly and dumb as THEY are?

I have discussed this with “Christians” who have told me that genetic randomness is actually holy.

Actually, the gene pool itself is NOT random. If you take all the talented men and women you can find and make them celibate, that is not random.

So when genetic engineering becomes available, it will be viciously attacked as unnatural, just as the clergy attacked vaccination as unnatural and Jehovah’s Witnesses do not allow blood transfusions.

But children that parents insist on having with no improvements whatsoever are going to have to compete with those whose parents chose to enhance their intelligence.

Even the POPE will probably admit that heredity is important, but the Church has no genetic morality at all.

A “morality” that ignores 20 to 80% of the human makeup is not a morality.

All this can continue only so long as genetic enhancement is theoretical. But having a kid who is mixed blood and looks it cannot compare to one who is Aryan looking.Tomorrow Belongs To Me

As technology progresses, if we can counter the ongoing campaign that white is bad and just make it respectable to WANT whites to survive, that may be enough to trip the anti-white campaign up.

As Horus says, the Mantra is open systems thinking. Everybody else thinks only in terms of PRESENT technology; they still say that if you don’t have big meetings and marches we are not taking power.

They also think the solution is taking over one of the three major TV networks and getting an exclusive on the Morse code key.