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White Flight and the Berlin Wall

Leftists talked freely about Communist states being Workers’ Paradises.

And you couldn’t get out.

That should have been the end of the discussion. It wasn’t because anti-Communists never had a Swarm.

Quite he opposite.

Anti-Communists had a Buckley and a string of Little Buckleys..

Pro-white Buckleys never go into the basis of White Flight. The SPLC is raising money to send blacks into NORTHERN IDAHO. Like the serious use of the term Workers’ Paradise for concentration camps all blocked by mines and machine guns, White Flight is supposed to deprive whites of the Blessings of Diversity.

The ONLY point her is that integrationists and Communist are enforcing what real people don’t want.

The SECOND you get off that reality you are lying, no matter which side you are on.