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Everybody says there is this ‘Caste’ problem…..

Some time back, I had a brief exchange with an Indian girl (sub-continent type) after literally being cornered at the church I attend. I was polite and courteous and bolted for the door the second I realised where, she dreamed, this was heading. A few weeks later I was at a dinner party, where a missionary back from India was proudly telling us how he made a ‘break-through’ by getting natives of differant villages and differant castes to inter-marry.

In White countries, Everybody says there is this RACE problem. Everybody says the Final Solution to this RACE problem is for the 3rd World to pour into EVERY White country, and ONLY into White countries, and for us to ‘assimilate,’ i.e inter-marry, with all those non-Whites.

We’ve been here before. The Aryans of White India accepted that the Final Solution to the RACE problem was to ‘assimilate,’ i.e inter-marry with all those Black Dravidians. Today India is the ‘melting pot’ of ‘blended humanity’ that statistically predicted, at least, is our own future.Photobucket

But the Anti-Whites won’t just stop with turning White countries Brown.

In India, Everybody says there is this CASTE problem. Everybody says the Final Solution to CASTE problem is for the white-ish high caste Indians to ‘assimilate,’ i.e inter-marry with all those Darker, lower castes.

Anti-Whites are freaking out right now, among other things, about the possibility of the high-caste Indian population getting a handle on designer babies and pumping out designer Aryans by the millions, just at the time when they’ve flooded EVERY White country with 3rd Worlders, who we’re expected to breed with to ‘blend humanity.’

I often have Anti-Whites tell me in exchanges on youtube, ‘It’s not genocide, your genes will live on.’

No they won’t, not this time. The Anti-Whites won’t be content to leave a pocket of white-ish high caste neo-brahmins anywhere on Earth in case they eventually work out how to do this designer baby thing. Only ‘we’, or rather ‘they’ won’t work it out, because without the decendants of the Aryans who White-flighted out of Ancient India they would never have reached the stage to research designer babies.

‘Blending humanity’ IS the Final Solution to the RACE problem, after that comes the Final Solution to the CASTE problem, then comes the Final Solution to the……

Anti-Whites will not stop until any rogue White DNA is deleted from the yellowish-brown Orc gene pool.

Your genes will not live on.

If we screw this up there won’t be a second chance.

Stay on message.