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Attention Philanthropists

Bob and others at BUGS have discussed how organizations tend to be more concerned with their own existence than for the purpose they were originally created for.  Many times organizations will shift the scope of their mission based on the wishes of their highest donors.   We at BUGS do not have this problem since we don’t have donors and aren’t even an organization. As a result BUGS is populated by people who do the work purely for ideological reasons.

I do think however, that it would be useful to at least have a brainstorming session on what a BUGS organization would look like.  The reason being for the slight chance that there may be some wealthy philanthropists out there who want to give us resources to fight White genocide.  Of course one can make the argument that making BUGS into an organization could endanger it by making it vulnerable to mission creep.  While this must be kept in mind, I think we should at least make it known to potential philanthropists that if they want to give us money, that we will accept it, and use it as efficiently as possible to fight White genocide.  Here’s what I got:Photobucket

1) The main purpose of the organization would be to get out our message. The main effort would be internet based and would include paying people to disseminate our message. This pay would either be commission based or salary based. The workers would be teleworkers  in that they wouldn’t report to an office each day.  There would be a quality control component that monitored the work and examined the links being reported.
2) Another component of the organization would be the artistic/animation unit.  This unit would do the animation that the White Rabbit and his team have been doing but they would be paid for the work.  This would allow them to produce more animation more quickly.

3) Another component would be a public relations person(s) who would do interviews and give presentations.  This person or persons would handle news interviews and would give presentations at universities, community events, and anywhere else that requested a presentation.

4) There should also be a unit that focuses on spreading the message outside of the internet   This unit would think of ways to get the message out in creative ways other than the internet.  Flyers, billboards, street theater, advertising on radio or TV,  models walking around in White rabbit costumes handing out the mantra, supporting candidates for office who use the message, etc., etc.  This unit would also provide funding to outside people who have ideas for spreading the message. If someone has an idea, they would propose their idea to the unit and receive funding if the unit thinks it’s worthy.

So that’s what I came up with so far. I’d like to hear what other BUGSsers think? I realize that there are many more details to consider.  For example, would there be an office, or would it all be online?  I think it’s best all online, with quarterly meetings in a central location?   The most critical thing is that we keep to our mission.  We would have to take every precaution to not be diverted from our mission or our message. Someone could show up one day and offer to double our funding  as long as we stop using the word “genocide.”

If there are any wealthy men or women out there who have millions of dollars to spare, please consider donating it to us.  We’re attempting to stop the largest program of genocide to ever be carried out on earth (the program of White genocide by forced diversity).    We are the Light in the Darkness that is enveloping this world in ugliness, indecency, and chaos.  By supporting us you have a chance to change the world in a way that your future posterity will praise you to the heavens for. Think of the legacy you would leave by funding this holy mission. I know it may seem risky, but as wealthy individuals was it not risk taking which brought you your wealth in the first place?  Remember,  you can’t take your wealth with you to the next life, but the deeds of virtuous men and women live on forever.




Silence is Golden | Duck Tape is Silver

In the interest of full disclosure, allow me to preface this article by restating what most of you already know about me. I am not a professional political writer like Bob Whitaker. However, I do have experience in practical politics BECAUSE of Ole Bob. That being said:

The foundation for any revolution is not built around massive, violent, social upheavals like you see on television. Although, often times it leads to that as the incumbents are in their last death throes. THE R-WORD (revolution…hushhh now) is built on the infiltration and subversion of a set of Big Ideas and the revelation of the big lie.Photobucket

The cult of Political Correctness encompasses the set of principles and prevailing wisdom governing our Western Society today. Inherent to those silly ideas and standards are a set of forced assumptions. Chief of which is ‘silence is understood to be golden’. You’ve all heard that line before, but marketed in a way that appeals to the masses. Remember the movie theater? “Silence is Golden” popped up on the silver screen just before every movie began. That means silence is understood to be mandatory should one want to keep their facial features intact and continue living anywhere other than under a bridge and all alone.

This meme did exactly what they designed it to do. It trickled out into reality and grew legs of its own.

The well springs of the R-word rise up not through Ready-Mix torchlight parades or large-scale costume parties like many might want to believe, but through – as Horus says – poking at the yellow underbelly of the anti-white system.

People start seeing signs of the “change” they have been praying for and BUGS has been working towards and they get giddy like cracked out kids at the candy store. Well-funded anti-white campaigns shut down and defunded on campus. Pro-white advocates coming out of the woodwork. White college student unions sprouting up. Pro-white Intellectuals being given breathing room enough to lecture at colleges. Affirmative Action back to the Supreme Court. Demonstrations by European American college students. Whites moving closer to voting as a bloc. Whole regions of the United States petitioning to secede.

Not so fast with the champagne glasses, folks. These are small victories. We endeavor to rise above the fray and push on while we light the path for the few, the proud, those who get it done. Who else is going to do it? If not you and I, then who? News & Jews Crew? AMPW’s? “White Nationalists”? Respectable Conservatives? Who?

The dam is crumbling right before your very eyes. Drip. Drip. Drop… Celebration over a few leaks and cracks in the dam is ridiculous and premature. Personally, I want to be sure all BUGSters get to ride the wave from way up on top, so they don’t get washed out. Things are bound to get VERY interesting here. So, please, I beg of you, stay focused.

And whatever you do, do NOT call this a revolution. I made that mistake once, but I think I got away with it.

I promise to buy the champagne when it comes time to discuss how we are going to implement Money Punishment. Just keep your panties on for now.

See you downstream.



Breaking Bad

“Breaking Bad” not only refers to a hit TV drama series, it originated in popular culture as a term for someone who reaches their personal breaking point for any number of reasons. Think ‘burning bridges’ on steroids. Everyone has a point of no return, but this is the I’m seeing red, I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore type of inner rage. How you identify, harness and focus that energy is a determining factor in what kind of man you will become.

In “Just So History is A Hell of an Argument. It is Also Funny” Bob wrote “The main real reason people don’t use Mantra logic is because it violates their own self image.” I was able to overcome this fear-based problem. And if I can do it, so can Credentialed Intellectuals. It all starts with breaking down that which they hold in such high regard. From that framework we can begin to construct a warrior. That is BUGS’ business.Photobucket

Therefore, it’s too late in the game to be accepting excuses from anybody. It’s also too late to be accepting them for people we REALLY like and respect. One Anglo personality trait (defect?) shared by hundreds of millions of whites is that we try and make excuses for good people when they exhibit uncharacteristically bad behavior. Copping out with “The Mantra upsets my self image” is bad behavior, plain and simple.

This fight against genocide is not a damn fashion show. It’s not about ego. White Nationalist Race Realism (WNRR) and other subcategories of inefficacy, however, are a regular Five Boroughs Cat Walk. I want no part of it until they get REAL. But, you can’t get THERE from HERE if you don’t go through the hellish campaign anti-whites are waging against our race. So, we must confront the problem head on.

The anti-white establishment has spent BILLION$ upon billions on fracturing white community to the point where we don’t even trust our next-door-neighbors ‘to watch the kid’ or for a cup of sugar. BUGS is working overtime to reassemble those things that connected our people in the past. Mantra Thinking paints the BIGGER picture. This IS people on both ends of the spectrum having a hard time dealing with how things are looking.

They will twist, turn and try anything and everything at first before they are cornered by the simple truth we are waving in their faces. We don’t need to help them escape reality by making excuses for these mental contortions. The nasty bastards we call the Swarm don’t (or shouldn’t) care about violating someone’s self image or personal space if it’s worthless. Make them uncomfortable!

No wiggle room.

No excuses.

No retreat.

“Don’t forget to tip your waitress.”



2012 & The Mantra: What it Means for Jared Taylor and David Duke

Many BUGSters have expressed frustration over the esteemed Jared Taylor and the venerable Dr. Duke’s shared lack of enthusiasm about the Mantra. Only recently have we seen any indication that Batman and Robin might budge from their stalwart AMPW (Anti-Mantra Pro-White) position. They can fight over who gets to wear the bat costume later.

However, in the face of an entire race now begging for a messenger with a message and a sense of direction:

One won’t stop calling the crime committed against our race “racial suicide” while making certain he rarely mentions the Chosenites. The other has since stopped doing the former. Instead, he insists on declaring that “White genocide is Run by the JEWS.”

One is effectively saying there was some sort of vote where all white countries were afforded the opportunity to decide whether or not they wanted massive non-white immigration and forced assimilation, i.e. interracial sex, for their children. I guess I totally missed that evolution. The other is simply telling the audience that anti-whites get a free pass just so long as they are NOT The Jew.

But, that’s not enough for me. Like any “Angry, old white man” reeking of White Privilege in my early 30’s, I want more.

If they could just get together and talk, then maybe – just maybe – they could make a compromise between the two of them. Jared could stop calling it suicide and David might agree to stop saying EVERYTHING is the god-damned Jews.

We’d have two more BUGSters and a WHOLE heap of pro-whites on message.

As usual, I won’t hold my breath.



Rowan Atkinson Demands an End to Hate Laws

One of our commenters pointed out that Rowan Atkinson has denounced “the new intolerance,” Hate Speech Laws in Britain. I just made flippant reply about having Blackadder on our side.

Let me make up for that.

I cannot see YouTubes on my battered computer any more. What I can see is the page, and Atkinson standing in front of an audience which is actively trying to get rid of the Hate Laws in “Reform 5.” Behind him are the words, “Feel Free to Insult Me.”Photobucket

When I looked it had been seen by over a quarter of a million peoiple, with 6,988 “likes” and 28 “dislikes.”

By the way, I don’t know what language you Limeys speak, but in the one I learned there is no such noun as “Hate.” My Enlgish teacher would have put a big red X bneside it.

The word is hatred, and it is not capitalized.