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The Morality of Agony

Once I realized where white self-hatred comes from, the mystery vanished.

To a young person who realizes that hating the very survival of white people is the highest ideal of today’s youth, the whole thing literally looks like a Satanic Plot, a nightmare.

But as the years passed, I took a clear look at our Traditional Values.

All of our most traditional values are summed up best by the villain in The DaVinci Code:

“Pain is good.”.Photobucket

We learn as children that what tastes bad is what is good for you.

The entire Calvinist theology states that almost every human is created to spend eternity in unimaginable agony, including those who go to their Calvinist churches regularly, and that this is GOOD.

Please note that the entire process of what we call becoming adult consists of learning to do thing we would not normally WANT to do. Getting out of bed early, going to bed when you least want to, eating less of things that taste good and more of things that are boring, sitting and learning things instead of enjoying the energy and play of childhood.

The Puritan Tendency is inevitable whether the Puritan Tendency is expressed in Calvinistic Righteous Misery or in the old Trappist self-torture as a way of life.

Trappist or Presbyterian, “Pain is good” is our Traditional Value.

We do not feel we are being really moral unless it hurts. That is where the total glorification of cheering on a black and a blond who are producing ugly children comes from. It hurts and is therefore good.

Traditional Values are sick, because they are based on masochism.

Trappists and Puritans and anti-whites are mentally four years old and stay that way.

I am out of patience with people who are so dumb they can’t see the obvious development of our baby learning that we must learn to do what is unpleasant into the sick morality of self-torture. It is not a warp produced by The Elders of Zion. It is total failure to grow up.