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Please Get Back on Message

In reply to Dick Whitman’s plea for a philanthropist to finance BUGS, Undercover Lover makes some solid, basic BUGS pointes:

“I think this is a bad idea.

Organizations are Organisms.

A soon as they come into existence, they want to eat, grow and reproduce. Eventually that is all
they do.

There will be politicians making organizations and groups like this everywhere. We already have David

Duke and Jared Taylor as examples. The problem is they are not on message.

We are not about getting more people to be members of our group. We are about spreading a message.

Admittedly, I would like to get paid for this but I think the best thing is for our group to remain unpaid. Have it remain a purely voluntary type organization. We seem to be doing pretty good right now anyways.”

Now let us concentrate on what this discussion has to offer us rather than its merits. The probability that some philanthropist would offer money and not just take over is not worth discussion. Photobucket

The point is that the institutions I discuss are not some capitalized Institution with Evil Jews behind it. BUGS is already an institution. The point is we have to watch it to keep it from going in the inevitable direction of all institutions.

Any two people working together is an institution. As UL says, the instant it exists, an institution begins to have its own imperatives.

At the Tennessee Conference, I am sure David thought I was being terribly unsophisticated. He has the figures to prove that his institution does infinitely better, certainly way out of my league, with its billions of hits and millions of dollars or whatever.

He and Jared are perfectly correct that white genocide is a hard sell, meaning an unprofitable sell. That is an institution’s bottom line.

And once you depend on money out there in the real world where everybody else is fighting for money, other goals cease to exist. I see no reason for institutions to exist for their own sake.

Counting up our money is not the only thing that gets in the way as one institutionalizes.

Victory can get in the way. Or rather the PURSUIT of victory gets in the way. More and more BUGS thought is wasted on whether we are WINNING.

No matter how it is expressed, that is the Torchlight Parade Syndrome. We need to concentrate ENTIRELY on where our message is being directly or indirectly quoted and how to increase THAT quotient.

I am seeing more and more comments that consist of Stormfront stuff. My constant warnings about institutionalizing are being ignored.