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Congratulations, Horus!

Facebook now has a new cause, a site called “Stop the White Rabbit!”

The only problem is that they ascribe The White Rabbit to Bob Whitaker. I wish I COULD take the credit!

But no one expects anti-whites to get their facts straight.

Like The Occidental Quarterly, a number of commenters tell everyone how to take apart these Mantra people. Which is serious doo-doo to TOOs and “Stop the White Rabbit” types, but hilarious to those of us who have been tearing anti-white’s wings off very time. Photobucket

Anti-whites can do nothing but wait for their Thought Police to arrive and censor us out, as the very title of this page shows.

So AMPWs, Anti-Mantra Pro-Whites now have a set of allies. Just as respectable conservative is the Beloved Little Brother of the “Progressives,” now that the illusions of respectable conservative supporters are finally, slowly beginning to break apart in electoral reality, a new “opposition” will be needed..

He doesn’t realize it, but Jared has an excellent chance to be the new William Buckley. Only a professional would probably notice, but I can see the real barrier to him is that he does not have the underlying dishonesty and the Catholic-Southern inferiority complexes that were so obvious in Buckley.



USE Mommy Professor!

Someone pointed out in our own working section COMMENTS that, as in the USSR, someone who is not anti-white is a psychiatric case.

Good point.Photobucket


The black guy who made the pro-genocide You Tube, which only seems to have been seen by us, has the standard replies: 1) personal insults, and 2) We is Ignunt.

You is ignunt takes the form of saying that Mommy Professor agrees with him.

Mommy Professor is a deadly weapon-in-a-word all by itself.


When somebody brags that all the Intellectuals agree with him, he is sticking his neck WAY out in a world full of college graduates.

As always, it really ticks me off when you don’t USE something like this.

Everybody knows professors are full of it. Most people are dying to hear it said.

The Catholic Church even used Mommy Professor’s advice as an EXCUSE for not coming down hard on its pedophiles.

It seems like the only people who are still drooling and missing this are we who should be leading in it.