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No Piggy Backing!

We have developed our own terminology. One who has not been out on the web fighting wouldn’t understand it easily, if at all. One term we have developed nicely is “tailgating.”

Let me add a new one.

As comments on South African Genocide come in, I feel uneasy. Compared to tiny BUGS, outrage about the outright killing of Boers is enormous.

Well, compared to active BUGSERS, just about anything is enormous.

The message of BUGS is that white genocide is nonviolent. That is a hard sell. So it is MUCH easier to go with the tide and talk about the actual killing of whites. And this is exactly the kind of slippery slope it takes constant vigilance to avoid.Photobucket

We find that things get much easier when we abandon assimilation and just piggy back on the anti-immigration movement. We will find things begin to go easier as we piggy back on South African genocide because there is actual killing involved. It saves us the enormous effort of getting across the reality that the real program of white genocide goes under the Guise of Peace and Justice.

When you piggyback things become far easier.

BEWARE when it gets easy!

Dr. Duke has developed a nice salable package which declares that he is preserving ALL races.

That’s a piggyback.

Nobody, least of all somebody of David’s intelligence, believes there is the slightest threat to the existence of any ethnic group except whites. And even if there were, it isn’t MY business.

The only reason for this fake concern is to piggy back on all the loud Peace and Freedom and Universal Concern preached everywhere all the time.

To me, this is straight piggybacking.

Piggy backing is a great way to raise membership and a great way to raise funds. I have a great pension from my years of piggybacking on conservatism.

The best way to avoid piggy backing is to realize that if it gets easy, you’re almost certainly doing something wrong.