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Anti-Whites Stole Hitler’s Genocide, Now They’re Stealing his Lebensraum

From the beginning, as I warned people, anti-whites would avoid answering the Mantra by waiting awhile and then declaring, “But we ALREADY answered it!”

Lord Nelson can probably remember when I warned you about THAT one.

Sure enough, a whole slew of new anti-whites are trying that same old gambit, “We debunked the Mantra!”

One person attacks the Mantra and proclaims himself the winner.

Usually when one debates with himself and declares himself the winner they put him somewhere calm and give him stuff.

There are two techniques anti-whites use when they are talking to themselves. Both were practiced by the naziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews they label us.Photobucket

First there is the “Whites DESERVE the genocide we are practicing.” This is a series of quotes from Mommy Professor which talks about Whites in EXACTLY the same terms Hitler spoke of Jews: The white man is the root of all evil and has never done anything good.

This panics the TOO types but we just point out that that is the same technique Hitler’s speeches used.

The second anti-white technique is also straight out of Mein Kampf. This is the Lebensraum argument. It says that if Whites do not completely fill up their Lebensraum for a generation, it becomes Lebensraum for others.

And it’s GOOD for us! All those old age benefits we old folks dumped on ourselves will disappear if WE have to pay for them and leave few descendants to do so.

They don’t mention why we must assimilate to give away all that Lebensraum. Assimilation is not giving up Lebensraum. Assimilation is 100% racial.

Assimilation is for ALL white countries and ONLY white countries