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The Conservative Lunch Wagon Has Finally Derailed

The most important fact of political life that people never think of is that they have to make a living. Another person first sees JEWS sneaking around in a century-long Plan. I know that you can never get any picture of reality unless you fully realize it consists of people with a deadline to meet, bills to pay, bosses to satisfy.

You cannot realize what happened on Election Day without this perspective.

What has been going on all these years has been a delusion, and everybody knew it. The white vote was becoming more and more uniformly Republican, but what Karl Rove called the “people of color” vote meant this was a delaying game.

Conservatives would feature some Jack Kemp who would “get the Negro vote” in the long run. And that was all anyone would say about the long run.

Never was a case more true of Keynes’s comment that, “In the long run we’re all dead.”

But this growing inevitability of “people of color” making the Republicans Party obsolete had no effect on the conservative editor who had to an editorial for tomorrow. So, like anyone facing The End, they simply ignored it.Photobucket

The Election of 2012 came just too early for conservatives. They all felt they had one more good election ahead of them.

It was not the end of an era that got to them. They knew that was coming soon.

So Republicans knew their world was going up in smoke. You would think that if the world was going to end four years from today, being told it was going to end in a month would not be that important.

Human nature is just the opposite. There would be more rioting and heartbreak if a world that was doomed in four years suddenly discovered the end was at hand than there was when the word of The End was first announced. The end of the earth would be tragedy waiting to happen, but suddenly yanking those four last years away would seem worse.

And that is what hit respectable conservatives so hard on Election Day. They might win One More Election with a president who had so obviously failed with the same old policies. They could have four more years of telling each other that there was plenty of time for them to Appeal to the Negro Vote.

On Election Day, their world ended. It ended conclusively. There could be no more editorials and Jack Kemps leading them into the future of Post-Racial America.

It was over.

They will keep up the drumbeat, of course. They have to make their livings.

There was never really a place for respectable conservatives in real American politics. But there were four more years possible in which they could go to the office and pretend the world wasn’t what it is. So many of them had made their livings pushing that line, and most of them won’t be able to find anything else to do.

That was the shock that had Palin crying and Republicans in state of shock.

It was over long ago.

But now it’s really Over.