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Immigration is Economic, Assimilation is Racial

The 2012 election destroyed the temporary myth of Respectable Conservatism

The epitaph should read the one phrase respectable repeated most, millions of times:

“There is nothing racial about it.”

For God’s sake, listen to the Silence!

In every election campaign and commentary since the 50s, “There is nothing racial about it” was repeated endlessly and aggressively by all the Buckleys and Hannitys and O’Reillys.

For Lord’s sake, gang, PLEASE note how “There is nothing racial about it,” disappeared without trace in ALL 2012 commentary.Photobucket

PLEASE notice above all that it sank in total, complete, unmentioned SILENCE.

If you don’t learn to listen to the Silence no one will.

Listen to the Silence! REPORT the Silence!

This epitaph relates to another point I keep hammering on.

Conservatives for two generation at least have repeated that they are actually more anti-white than liberals. It has been another thing they said at least a million times and at every opportunity.

British Conservatives have insisted that while leftists support multiculturalism, multiculturalism gets in the way of the True Goal, which is Assimilation.

In rejecting multiculturalism recently the Netherlands dedicated its race relations to a Committee on Integration. They don’t even bother with the code word “desegregation.”

Conservatives insist they want some controls on immigration because it is an economic issue, not a racial one. They don’t want to limit immigration to ALL white countries and ONLY white countries, God forbid.

Conservatives until now have not even mentioned that massive immigration means a solid influx of liberal votes.

Conservatives love another pre-2012 epitaph phrase: America is being “overwhelmed.”

It is time that somebody besides Bob is able to see all these slips and slides from the truth for what they are.

Massive immigration to All white countries and ONLY white countries is NOT, is NOT a wholly or primarily economic issue:

Massive third world immigration to ALL white countries and ONLY white countries is not largely a cultural issue. A nonwhite can adapt enough Western terminology so that, with the fanatical dedication of the media, he is the epitome of looking culturally Western;

Massive third world immigration to ALL white countries and ONLY white countries and ONLY white countries is not a cultural issue;

In summation, every single word you utter that goes the easy way of economic “overwhelming” or “they don’t speak English” is traitorous to the whole pro-white cause.