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The latest YouTube I saw that declared it had “Debunked the Mantra,” making about a round hundred of such self-pronounced “Debunks” from anti-white and Occidental Quarterly types. All with the “debunker” declaring itself victorious because it used IMPOSS.

IMPOSS is “Immigrants Must Pay Off Social Security.”

The World War II and its Boomer Generation voted themselves endless government benefits and saved itself the bother of producing a new generation to pay for them.

So the white race must go.

More and more of these self-declared “debunkers,” not one of whom has ever asked me to debate him, admit that massive third world immigration is for ALL white countries and ONLY white countries.

That’s progress.

The IMPOSS argument says that Orientals who not open their doors to third world immigration are going to regret it.

Demographics is a branch of economics, and it is joke to real economists. It is called “The Science of Panic.” Regularly some demographer becomes famous by taking a decade or two of population growth or decline and projecting it as an economic progression for a century, and making a fortune by panicking at the results.

The Moron Book, like The Population Bomb, always gets millions of morons mobilizing to deal with a mythical situation. Hence the population bust which led to IMPOSS. A whole boomer generation dedicated itself to sterility and now has nobody to pay for its benefits.

So another demographic panic underlies IMPOSS.

Japan’s population is getting older, so it will regret not bringing a million Africans.

If that is true, it will be the first time in history that a sure thing demographic catastrophe will come true.

This is all covered over by The Silence. Every single predicted demographic catastrophe has been forgotten as soon as it proved silly.

In fifty years, the Asians who did not become third world countries by mixing will have overcome this population bump, but nobody will even mention that they did.Photobucket

The Malthusian World that was sure thing two hundred years ago is many times as wealthy as people were in the time of Malthus and the present population would have scared Malthus into a fetal position.

The simple fact is that we must cure ourselves of giving out geometrically expanding benefits to ourselves in our old age. IMPOSS is a direct contradiction of this simple truth, that a person can work twenty years longer today than he could when Social Security was adopted.

Before you young folks start feeling sorry for yourselves at having to work longer, you will be as healthy at 120 as the Social Security generation was at 70.