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Errors Are for Learning

Years ago, Lord Nelson made a very fortunate error. In the course of his debates on Stormfront, LN began to rely more and more on whites “being overwhelmed” by immigration.

It turned out to be the path of least resistance. Many, many people could go along with a criticism of immigration while being absolutely blind to the ongoing genocide. So LN didn’t realize that he was increasingly emphasizing the standard immigration angle, which even respectable conservatives can talk about.

But the problem is not just immigration. It is GENOCIDE.

LN got my point the moment I made it to him. It was an important example of what can happen with the subtlest from of tailgating. And what is more important, the moment I mentioned this to LN he got it.

Unless you are IN the fight, you will wonder what the big deal is, but LN got it instantly. THAT, not the error, was the point.

But I still had to suffer through it three or four times when Lord Nelson Admitted of the Error of His Way.

Hey, gang, this is not a confessional. I like to point out this error because LN GOT it immediately, proving that only those who get out there and USE the Mantra understand the approach. Hearing repeated apologies was a pain in the keester.

So I was delighted with OldMan’s little error, but only because it led to such an ACCURATE criticism from practicing BUGSERS. All OldMan did was add an extra word to “anti-whites.” He said Anti-White Racists.” Hardly a mortal sin.

All that matters is not what OldMan did, but how our few really active BUGSERS reacted to it.Photobucket

After all their EXPERIENCE, they instantly realized that one extra word, “racist,” gave the enemy an out.

Here we are, bearing down on the enemy’s tail in a dogfight, and the enemy is presented with that lovely word “racist” to dive into like a cloud.

You could instantly tell who had been in the fight and who hadn’t. No matter how many philosophical pieces you write for comments, you don’t instantly get the importance of a point like that until you have seen it in action.

Keeping on the enemy’s tail, not allowing him any escape from YOUR point, GENOCIDE, is critical in a way only EXPERIENCE shows you.

No problem, OldMan.

Way to go, TROOPS!