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Hearing the Silence II

Dave comments,

“You have to focus peoples’ hearing by giving them cues to listen, and then say it concisely and quickly.

“If you do not do this, they haven’t heard. In our Internet age, it is just as important to do in written words as in said words.

“Nobody is going to understand if it isn’t simple. You only have a small chance of them hearing you regardless.

“The widespread ignorance of this principle is astounding. DD and JT are so ORDINARY. They work their pie holes entirely too much and don’t come to grips with the fact that nobody is listening.

“They are like the Austrian Economists who think people are going to understand when they talk about ‘heterogeneous capital.’ I remember looking it up realizing that I had descended into madness. Joining a nutbar cult is the easiest thing to do in our Mommy Professor world. That’s ‘The Cave.’

“The wonderful thing about Robert Whitaker is he is one of the few people alive that isn’t crazy.”

Thanks, Dave, I guess. Being declared sane in THIS world makes me a bit uneasy, but I get your point.Photobucket

Actually, this particular observation has some very practical ramifications.

I made my living in Intelligence, in interrogation, in negotiation, on Capitol Hill committees and the like.

One of the greatest compliments I ever received was a staffer who quoted one of the witnesses who had just appeared before the Education and Labor Committee. The guy said, “Well, thank God WHITAKER wasn’t here.”

My special ability was the practical advice I give you here.

One of the things I keep preaching is Listen to the Silence. Don’t just jump on what they SAY. If you listen you can hear what they are avoiding, and that creeps the hell out of them.

A really good researcher, a really good questioner, a top debater has one characteristic you don’t notice until you get in here and PRACTICE.

It creeps them out:

You hear every single word they DON’T say.