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Our Changing Relationship As You Learn By Doing

One writer said we shouldn’t use “white genocide” but rather “genocide of whites.”

He was writing in the area which I most respect, including my own articles, the WORK section, “Where have you put the mantra lately?”

As to that specific point, I was of the same mind, but then I found more and more that anyone who uses the term “white genocide,” the few we have gotten to so far, use it in OUR terms.

So you are now where I was as I developed the Mantra: I had to stop endlessly defining words, a process we are all familiar with in TOO.Photobucket

I started to give up theory and find out in action how each word or phrase WORKED.

So far, to my surprise, the term “white genocide” seems to have confused nobody.

In fact, it is “white genocide” those screaming, hate-filled anti-white You Tubes name.

A more precise term like genocide OF whites, in my experience, serves no function. You don’t mince words while the bullets are flying.

But our relationship has changed. I am asking a question of grad students, not teaching a subject.

To my infinite delight, my seniority in action is fast wearing out. I used to be only one who knew how an argument or a term actually worked.

Now I am no longer telling, I am asking. “White genocide,” even though it is literally questionable, is the most easily repeated and remembered name for the thing.

I am glad that, at least once, somebody bitched about the term “white genocide” instead of “genocide of whites.

I think we have claimed the term as our own, so we can keep it.

The Floor is open to INFORMED discussion.