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Only White Virtues are Unique

I am one of the few people old enough and traveled enough to have actually seen and SMELLED starvation.

Throughout all races’ history starvation has been a routine way to die.

Today, the only place on earth where mass starvation is permitted is the Peoples’ Democratic Republic of Korea.

Chattel slavery was the basis of every previous Great Civilization. Many people in tenth century
Europe were “unfree,” but chattel slavery simply died during the Dark Ages.

Being bound to the land is not the same thing.

But no historian mentions this disappearance. .Photobucket

Only once in one history book did I see the words. “Slavery disappeared. No one knows how.”

The Silence covers any white lack of starvation or chattel slavery, smallpox, but that is the short list.

I would have to write a volume just to NAME all the things all races took as routine that are so nonexistent as to be a scandal anywhere today.

Leprosy, for instance
There is no sin that whites have ever uniquely committed. Whites may have done more of it simply because whites had more power.

But the idea that there is some unique sin only whites commit rejects the whole basis of the insistence that all people are basically the same, which is the other half of the Creed of anti-whites .


There are no uniquely White Sins, but there are White Virtues by the thousand.