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Jason discussed one of the basics of BUGS: we recognize that those who make the future world almost never get credit for it.

If you don’t come in realizing that, you read history the way others do, as a series of Great Events.

Then, naturally, you assume that in order to save the world, you must be in on a Great Event.Photobucket

A Great Event of this century was the nomination of Ronald Reagan. Nobody but us knew it yet, but it was the beginning of the end for one of the world’s two Superpowers and a Great Evil.

I had one of those wildly prized invitations to go to both Reagan inaugurations.

I gave them away.

I had already been in on the history. In 1981 I was working on 1984, in 1984 I was well into the strategy that did the World Deed. I had no reason to go and hear what people like me had written.

Nobody, but NOBODY, can influence history if he concentrates on Great Events. In the 1980s nobody but us had the vaguest hint that the USSR was coming down.

Least of all the experts and the Recognized Authorities.