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Jason Sums It Up

Dave and Bob had some excellent commentary that reminded of what should be obvious: the internet is what matters today, not so much TV, movies, and all the other pre-1940s technology. Movies are over a century old. TV is almost as old.

The dummies still flock to Avatar or whatever. But that isn’t where smart, curious people go (who actually make change). That place is the internet. You can follow PhD level discussions in any technical field you wish these days, in real time.Photobucket

If you had an inkling that what you were taught about race didn’t make sense back in 1975, you had to spend serious time at a bookstore or library to find a few good books. Today, you can literally have more data then you could read in a lifetime on race and genetics within a few minutes of logging on. Don’t think our current history books make sense? You can go to Google books and read a complete history book from 1880!

Who is empowered? The smart, the curious, and the adventurous. No wonder bloggers skew White. Really White.

So, I can believe that a sweeping change can happen faster than most of us think. And I believe it is utterly unpredictable what will happen in coming decades. All we can do is be prepared to take advantage of new situations.