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Dave on Interrogation

“Any law enforcement investigation of white collar crimes rests upon the skill in which suspects are interviewed. You listen to the body language, you LISTEN TO THE SILENCE.

Why is white collar crime so rampant? It takes a high IQ to craft effective interviews! How many high IQs do the police have???

We here at BUGS are the high IQ contingent of the police force of real politics. You can’t be a real BUGSER if you don’t know how to interview suspects and don’t have the IQ for it. Photobucket

But in truth, we have little problem in this regard. That’s because it is so easy to detect the guilty!

Interviewing suspects is NOT interrogation. Interrogation is something far different. In interrogation, you don’t ask questions. You don’t ‘interview’. INSTEAD, YOU DO THE TALKING! THAT’S BECAUSE YOUR PURPOSE IS TO EXTRACT A CONFESSION!!!

Interrogation is a monologue aimed at getting your suspect to confess!

That’s the Mantra! It is a tool of INTERROGATION.


We need them to confess and get on their knees and beg for mercy.

That’s the Mantra.”