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Bob Tailgates!

When I keep criticizing or reminding you, please understand constantly that I keep making the same mistakes myself, and nobody gets my ass like I do when I catch myself.Photobucket

So the IMPOSS (Immigrants Must Pay Off Social Security) got me to talk economics, being an economist.

In short, I did exactly what I blame others for doing: getting off subject.

The fact is that ALL such arguments are demands for genocide, and there is no excuse for genocide ITSELF.

What throws us about IMPOSS is that it trips me up because it is the ONLY argument anti-whites use that
has at least a statistical validity. It really throws me when they sound even a little bit logical.

That is exactly what happens when you run into anything new that they say. Try to deal with it, and I yell at you.

Don’t bother, Beefcake, I am giving me hell.