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The “It Just Ain’t So” Problem

It surprises a lot of us that when we repeat the Mantra, most of the reaction is FEAR. To us it looks like, especially since the election, anti-whites have won and we are so out numbered it would the three hundred Spartans look like an invasion force.

You don’t go to pieces when somebody disagrees with you unless you are scared. Almost every one of them would like to see us in prison or worse.

You don’t have to act like a big time interrogator the way I do to see that people who are confident simply don’t respond that way. Hatred is a product of fear, and nob0ody gets that vicious if they are in the catbird seat.

They see this themselves. They use the language of dismissal, telling us that they own the world and that we are just ignorant.

The language they have been given is that of feeling superior and invulnerable. But in the real world, a person who FEELS that the other side is ignorant and out of date and hopeless is very, very calm. In fact, it is hard to believe they are afraid of our little group, but one cannot miss it.

We see all those anti-white conservatives who, last month, were brought into the world where they had simply lost, and lost forever.

That helps clear the field of the people I called out most effective enemies over 35 years ago, the paycheck conservatives

They are still trying to recover from the simple fact that The Day has come:

As Ann Coulter pointed out, demographics is destiny.

That fact is now naked.

The paycheck conservatives learned hot to get accepted by those handing out the network exposure and the money. They were the main force in keeping race under the table. They were paid a fortune for the simple phrase : “It has nothing to do with race.”

But it was funny when Karl Rove admitted the “people of color” do not vote Republicans, and the audience got a laugh out of his answer, packaged, and required, “But they SHOULD, and it’s our fault they don’t!”

By the end of Election Day 2012, the lie Buckley and George Will and the entire paycheck conservative structure had literally lived on for fifty years was finally, openly laughable.Photobucket

For fifty years, it was not just the paycheck conservatives who made a hefty, safe career of this. The left were always able to count on paycheck conservatism to keep them in power. It is not at all certain that those minorities, who were absolutely, obviously the story in 2012, are going to keep anti-white whites on as spokesmen.

The respectable right has collapsed in Germany, too. The result was not altogether happy for the German left.

I will go into this in a later article, probably “IJAS II.”