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The right assumed their opponents had won it all in 2012.

As I said in “It Just Ain’t So I,” it is hard to overstate how tiny we are compared to those in power.

But when I got into politics, the USSR was so permanent that even conservative science fiction writers included them in the future on a par with the West.

I remember when the left used the language of power and confidence. I know exactly what it sounds like when the other side is comfortable in power. They use those WORDS now, but they radiate fear, even terror.

Old science fiction has network TV in the far future. Astronauts are using clipboards. If you ever think you have a solid grip on the future, read some old science fiction and you will be cured.

Establishment thinkers really don’t do much thinking. Exactly like paycheck conservatives, they write to order. It doesn’t matter if they are dead wrong. If they say what pleases their readers and book buyers, the wildest absurdity goes into the Silence.

No Sovietologist lost his job over the fact that, without any warning, his subject disappeared from the face of the earth without his having a hint of it.

They’re Russianologists or Slavologists now, promoted and paid well to tell people all about the future of POST-Soviet countries. They never say it but everybody knows it. Once again, an expert is a person who made the crisis he is called in to solve.
Nobody ever discusses what happened to the USSR.

At all.

It is in the Silence.

But the fact that it is in the Silence does not mean that the establishment has forgotten it. In fact, the collapse of what they really believed was The Future injured the psychology of the left badly. No one will ever mention that economists, Intelligence and the CIA all agreed almost unanimously that the USSR was catching up with the United States in per capita income.

The “Centrally Planned Economy” was the future, and only hicks and anti-intellectuals disagreed.

It is almost impossible to explain how the paycheck left was shocked by the end of the Inevitable Future.

They were shocked when the Clintons lost just as abruptly as the USSR had when blacks tossed them out for a REAL black. There are many, many examples like this, but it takes too much explaining because you, too, keep thinking about The Latest Thing rather than the catastrophe which is going right into the Silence.

It is not comfortable when your overwhelming power rests on concepts where you know It Just Ain’t So.

In fact, the paycheck left is exactly like the paycheck right. The existence of their establishment became more and more dependent upon the “Both Sides” myth. The Election of 2012 gives them feelings much like those when the Inevitable Future simply disappeared.

Suddenly the screaming minorities have taken over. They did it in the NAME of the paycheck left. But how would you like to be rich man or a white newsman who has always assumed he represented the tame minorities against the right?

The paycheck left is as scared as the paycheck right.

IJAS III will give you some history to explain that nameless fear