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Reading Bob’s Stuff

I am useful, not for knowing what you don’t know, but for noticing what you don’t notice.

Most of the time commenters STILL don’t notice what is original. If I point out that nobody discusses the fall of the Soviet Union, someone trots out a Golden Oldie about how bad Communism is or news bias.

Most of my articles get no comments on the most pregnant parts.

Why the USSR fell is embarrassing to every side in the 1980s. It was a total miss by all the experts. If one discusses it, he may even wonder why Sovietologists are never embarrassed about the ultimate failure of all their predictions.
None of these experts, even associated with those of us who brought down the USSR, were astonished about how quickly it happened. We knew the USSR was a house of cards and completely ridiculous, and acted on it. Photobucket

But if we had concentrated on the ideological weakness of Marxism or the other crap they got paid for, the USSR would still be there.

“We can bring down the USSR if we realize it is silly and act on that reality.” When I wrote that repeatedly, it was universally looked on as hick bait.

When I use enormous historical examples to show what Hearing the Silence is, no comment goes ahead and talks about ANOTHER giant boner from the Silence.

We now have a tiny number of BUGSERS who discuss expertly how to use the Mantra out in the real battle place.

Now I would like some commenters to start reading an article before reacting to it.

You can put the latest gossip about Enron someplace else — PLEASE do.

Enron, like the USSR, means for US that experts don’t interpret the realities right.

As long as they write to order, the fact that their subject did not exist is tossed into the Silence.

On September 12 I told you that no one would get punished for allowing 9/11 to happen. Being a professional, I told you then that those who allowed 9/11 would get promoted. They were the experts when it happened, so they are experts on The Crisis.

That point bounced right off readers then and now.

The lessons I worked with to get my money and incidentally destroy the USSR are lost in “Guess what I found” stuff.

This is a lesson that is almost impossible to explain, so I certainly don’t expect even you to get it right off.

But it is something you should be working on mentally.