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Bob Tailgates!

When I keep criticizing or reminding you, please understand constantly that I keep making the same mistakes myself, and nobody gets my ass like I do when I catch myself.Photobucket

So the IMPOSS (Immigrants Must Pay Off Social Security) got me to talk economics, being an economist.

In short, I did exactly what I blame others for doing: getting off subject.

The fact is that ALL such arguments are demands for genocide, and there is no excuse for genocide ITSELF.

What throws us about IMPOSS is that it trips me up because it is the ONLY argument anti-whites use that
has at least a statistical validity. It really throws me when they sound even a little bit logical.

That is exactly what happens when you run into anything new that they say. Try to deal with it, and I yell at you.

Don’t bother, Beefcake, I am giving me hell.



Dave on Interrogation

“Any law enforcement investigation of white collar crimes rests upon the skill in which suspects are interviewed. You listen to the body language, you LISTEN TO THE SILENCE.

Why is white collar crime so rampant? It takes a high IQ to craft effective interviews! How many high IQs do the police have???

We here at BUGS are the high IQ contingent of the police force of real politics. You can’t be a real BUGSER if you don’t know how to interview suspects and don’t have the IQ for it. Photobucket

But in truth, we have little problem in this regard. That’s because it is so easy to detect the guilty!

Interviewing suspects is NOT interrogation. Interrogation is something far different. In interrogation, you don’t ask questions. You don’t ‘interview’. INSTEAD, YOU DO THE TALKING! THAT’S BECAUSE YOUR PURPOSE IS TO EXTRACT A CONFESSION!!!

Interrogation is a monologue aimed at getting your suspect to confess!

That’s the Mantra! It is a tool of INTERROGATION.


We need them to confess and get on their knees and beg for mercy.

That’s the Mantra.”



Jason Sums It Up

Dave and Bob had some excellent commentary that reminded of what should be obvious: the internet is what matters today, not so much TV, movies, and all the other pre-1940s technology. Movies are over a century old. TV is almost as old.

The dummies still flock to Avatar or whatever. But that isn’t where smart, curious people go (who actually make change). That place is the internet. You can follow PhD level discussions in any technical field you wish these days, in real time.Photobucket

If you had an inkling that what you were taught about race didn’t make sense back in 1975, you had to spend serious time at a bookstore or library to find a few good books. Today, you can literally have more data then you could read in a lifetime on race and genetics within a few minutes of logging on. Don’t think our current history books make sense? You can go to Google books and read a complete history book from 1880!

Who is empowered? The smart, the curious, and the adventurous. No wonder bloggers skew White. Really White.

So, I can believe that a sweeping change can happen faster than most of us think. And I believe it is utterly unpredictable what will happen in coming decades. All we can do is be prepared to take advantage of new situations.




Jason discussed one of the basics of BUGS: we recognize that those who make the future world almost never get credit for it.

If you don’t come in realizing that, you read history the way others do, as a series of Great Events.

Then, naturally, you assume that in order to save the world, you must be in on a Great Event.Photobucket

A Great Event of this century was the nomination of Ronald Reagan. Nobody but us knew it yet, but it was the beginning of the end for one of the world’s two Superpowers and a Great Evil.

I had one of those wildly prized invitations to go to both Reagan inaugurations.

I gave them away.

I had already been in on the history. In 1981 I was working on 1984, in 1984 I was well into the strategy that did the World Deed. I had no reason to go and hear what people like me had written.

Nobody, but NOBODY, can influence history if he concentrates on Great Events. In the 1980s nobody but us had the vaguest hint that the USSR was coming down.

Least of all the experts and the Recognized Authorities.



Only White Virtues are Unique

I am one of the few people old enough and traveled enough to have actually seen and SMELLED starvation.

Throughout all races’ history starvation has been a routine way to die.

Today, the only place on earth where mass starvation is permitted is the Peoples’ Democratic Republic of Korea.

Chattel slavery was the basis of every previous Great Civilization. Many people in tenth century
Europe were “unfree,” but chattel slavery simply died during the Dark Ages.

Being bound to the land is not the same thing.

But no historian mentions this disappearance. .Photobucket

Only once in one history book did I see the words. “Slavery disappeared. No one knows how.”

The Silence covers any white lack of starvation or chattel slavery, smallpox, but that is the short list.

I would have to write a volume just to NAME all the things all races took as routine that are so nonexistent as to be a scandal anywhere today.

Leprosy, for instance
There is no sin that whites have ever uniquely committed. Whites may have done more of it simply because whites had more power.

But the idea that there is some unique sin only whites commit rejects the whole basis of the insistence that all people are basically the same, which is the other half of the Creed of anti-whites .


There are no uniquely White Sins, but there are White Virtues by the thousand.