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Anti-Whites Insist That Integration Must Be Enforced Everywhere Because Whites Don’t Want It

As I pointed out in “You Are not Denying Genocide, You are Justifying It,” we can take advantage of the fact that we know exactly what the enemy’s replies will be. That article stated that we know most of them are going to say how horrible whites are.  photo imagesCAWSHJ05_zps4eb4ef2b.jpg

The reply to this is, “So you are justifying genocide.” They are admitting the program is to rid the earth of whites, but that is OK because whites are so awful. Which sounds a lot like what Hitler said about the Jews.

Then there is the “Nobody forces you to intermarry” bit.

This leads us to an interesting insight into their views they never mention. I leave it to you how to use it AFTER you have made the Mantra clear.

The whole white genocide movement is based on the assumption that if there is any white community anywhere, all whites will go there. Integration must be forced, because always no country can be white.



A Belated Thank You Note

Backbaygrouch, our BBG, is the person who has been putting the pictures beside my articles lately.   It is a delight for me to see them, but nobody has said anything about them. photo awshucks_zpse19c7877.jpg

I want to thank BBG for this work.   How he finds an illustration to fit the article is mystery to me, but that is the kind of thing I get good people here to do.

To me, having good people come along as you work is MUCH better than having a Direct Command or Great Leader status.

I have seen too many Great Detailed Plans go down the tubes.   BUGS has been steady process of evolution, and taking the lead while letting evolution take its course is a little appreciated art.

So from my point of view, the fact that a highly talented man came here and did the pictures entirely off his own bat, without any instructions from me, is a point of pride.



You Are Not Denying White Genocide, You Are Justifying It

We know what anti-whites are going to reply. In fact, this is very much like capturing the enemy’s plans. Do not throw that advantage away.   By now, our veterans are disciplined enough to stick to the Mantra, AND to make use of the enemy plans we have in our hands without letting them out from under the gun.

The one that gets me most frustrated is when an anti-white responds, as they almost all do, with White Guilt.

No matter what the temptation may be to talk about whatever they say, our disciplined response must be, “You are not denying genocide, you are justifying it.”  photo imagesCARTS25K_zpse8e85a48.jpg

And, as with Mantra, STOP.

For us, that precious period that ends the sentence is our basic strategy.

Don’t forget to use that that charge.  But toss the bomb and get the hell out!

Nobody but a pro can see how we have already changed the whole debate. We OWN anti-white. We OWN “All and ONLY” about white countries. These are giant victories. But only pro would notice that.

TOQ is interested in in looking good in a debate. Stormfront, bless them, is, in our terms, a playground for amateurs, but our specialty is making charges.

And stopping.

We are not here to wow them with our detailed knowledge of the Crimean War. We are here to hit them with very carefully selected bombs and fly off. We do not want them to remember what sophisticated Class Acts we are, we want to hit with our charges and LEAVE.

So what am saying here is that, if you have a chance to hit them again, and they use that predictable, “It’s whites’ fault,” PLEASE hit them with “You are not denying white genocide, you are justifying it.”

We have our stab and we almost always know what his riposte is going to be.  It will leave his tummy wide open.  It breaks my heart when you don’t gut him.



Dave on Mantra Thinking


“Robert Whitaker really did a number on us with the Mantra. Its IMPLICATIONS are bigger than even he knows. He lifted the veil off the whole damn thing. He reconnected white people with reality.”

It is one thing to hear me theorize about Mantra Thinking. As Dave says, it is another thing entirely when you finally start DOING it.

It seems contradictory that I demand that BUGSERS concentrate on the Mantra, and the Mantra alone, with a Prussian discipline, yet I myself talk about a range of subjects.

Prussian discipline WORKS. photo imagesCAMO4O1E_zps17e45c2b.jpg

Our tiny but disciplined effort has had tremendous effects. I may be in a better position to see a lot of it but commenters comment on it regularly. I notice, as one small example, that the original standard replies all pro-whites got at first have, after fifty years, actually changed. The statement that whites do not exist, once omnipresent, has gone down vastly.

This means that even people who have not actually heard the Mantra itself have been effected by it.

The Mantra has attracted enormous attention. I keep reminding you that the enemy’s single weapon is and always has been The Silence, that is, they no longer have white supremacists on TV talk shows, but act as if they don’t exist.

A new Prussian officer was as disciplined as he forced his men to be. A junior officer did not discuss general strategy. An officer was trained to keep all eyes on the fight while he was selected for promotion. As time passed, some of these officers evolved into some of the greatest ground war strategists who ever lived.

We must keep our discipline but at the same time absorb how to fight as the fight changes. What I must do is give you some training in strategic thinking without encouraging BUGS to degenerate into a TOQ or Stormfront general discussion group. Your practical discussions, especially in the real work group, and Dave’s quote above shows I have done a pretty good job of this.

Especially considering that for many, many years, I was the ONLY person who understood what needed to be done. I am the ONLY person who has done any job of this.

I cannot define what Mantra Thinking is. I made it indispensable in the fall of the USSR, in saving the Space Telescope, and in other practical — to say the least — matters.

Nor am I doing this with a clear idea of where it is going. In fact, an integral part of any real world strategy is NOT assuming you know the future.

People usually declare what the future will be in order to encourage themselves. I am comfortable NOT taking that tranquillizer because I have actually WON a lot of fights, and if the Names in each decade had gone along with me I would have won more.

Dave cuts to the point: This is a way of thinking.

I have complained that commenters always lose the point I am making by leaping on some historical incident or news event I mention or giving out their World View.

Well, it’s better than silence but I would trade almost all of our standard comments for one like Dave’s. What I want understood is a way of thinking, a way of looking at things.



Nordoxen Gives Us the News From the Front in Sweden

Yes the mantra is growing rapidly in Sweden.

As the report says, the mantra and its terminology is being discussed and used, not only in forums and pro-white sites, but even anti-white sites can’t ignore it anymore.

There’s even been a bit mention of it in an article in mainstream media, where they also condemned our facebook group “Krossa antivitismen” (Crush antiwhitism).

The so called “anti-racists” are getting very defensive and don’t really seem to know how to handle the situation, since more and more people and pro-white newsblogs are starting to expose them and using the terminology. Some of them think it is a “Mantra movement” but it’s not a movement or organization. We are only a handful people pushing the mantra in Sweden, myself included. But people are also spreading it indirectly for us.

Here is one example of an “anti-racist” being defensive:

She starts off saying her name, that she is a “antiracist” and then stating, “And anti-racist is NOT a codeword for anti-white!” etc.
You can see in the comment section as well that regular people are using the terminology calling her “anti-vit”, anti-white.

The report also mentions a manifestation was canceled last summer. The background story to that is, there was this young swedish woman that got brutally raped by non-whites (like so many others) and white nationalists planned to demonstrate in her city against rapes etc.

Then the “anti-racists” made a facebook event and planned a counter demonstration “against racism and for diversity” etc.

We were just 2-3 swedish bugsters that went in and exposed them as anti-whites using the terminology and we just pointed out their contradictions. They swiftly deleted our comments but other members saw it and joined in. Even the FATHER of that raped girl joined in and started to condemn the “anti-racists” for abusing this tragedy, etc. It didn’t take long until the “antiracists” deleted and cancelled the event.

Once they lose the moral high ground and are starting to be called anti-whites, etc., they become demoralized, like that youtube anti-white girl I linked above.

I predicted some time ago that the mainstream media would bring up the mantra/our talking points this year, not in the form of articles, but on television. It happened sooner than expected (awesome), and I reckon we will soon see this development in Sweden as well.

Once they start mentioning this in TV, our terminology will truly manifest itself on the publics mind and tongues. And that is WHEN we will really affect the public debate. The wall is already starting to crack. We just have to keep smashing it.

USA, UK, Sweden are the main hot spots right now and these countries may be the first places where we will see some actual changes. And that’s because the mantra is being pushed the most in these countries. It works. Plain and simple.