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Jason Replies ON SUBJECT

Here is the problem I have. It’s hard to think your way out of a mental box when you don’t understand

the box you are in. This response is thinking on paper and very verbose. Feel free to beat me like a rented mule, anyone. Bob’s trying to make an important point that some of us aren’t getting. So, break out the two by four.

We use experts all the time. If I need plumbing work done, I call a plumber. Now, what if the plumber screws up and my kitchen floods? I still call a plumber (maybe another) to fix it. Yes, they have made all the mistakes, and yes, an expert flooded my kitchen, but I still call on an expert to fix it.Photobucket

So, I have a hard time with a blanket denunciation of all experts (maybe that is not what’s being suggested, but it almost sounds like it).

BUT, I most certainly know that some experts are totally wrong in their fields, and that all experts have been wrong at some point. Obviously, I doubt the “experts” on race, the environment, guns and a whole bunch of issues. None of us would be here if we were slaves to experts. Now, is the point that when I realize the experts in question are loopy, I should start treating them differently? No longer treating with the public respect they are used to?

Laughing at them as a strategy?

Because sometimes that does work.

In the case of the USSR, I think most real conservatives realized the system sucked and that it couldn’t stand on its own without Western aid.

But, I think they feared it would survive due to sheer ruthlessness and military power. There is

also a certain pessimistic view of Man that says, in the long run tyranny wins, making people think the USSR would survive BECAUSE of its evil.

There are many examples of experts being wrong. I heard for decades that we are juusssttt about to run out of oil. Except we always have more. And now we have cracking. And no one ever calls those clowns out for what they’ve said. There were the population bomb guys who said we’d all be eating each other by 1999 (soylent green). They also pushed the value of big centrally planned projects for people to live in, here in the US and the world. These places ALL became dangerous, dehumanizing s***holes. I write it off as pro-
government guys spinning a story to justify bigger government. They were Central Planners who came to the conclusion Central Planners should run everything.

Feminists assured me that women (wymen) would all become hairy no-makeup lumberjacks. Yet, they seem
pretty girlie today. More eager to be a princess than an auto mechanic. Freud gave tens of millions of mothers guilt over how their kids turned out, based on a un-scientific theory that was promoted as Deep Thought for generations, destroying God knows how many lives. Freud has faded, it’s considered incorrect, but the whole thing gets swept under the rug. In both cases, it seems like Cultural Marxists trying to impose their vision on the world. Academics don’t humiliate them as they deserve, because they still have too much power.

Regular folks seem to just not think about it. But there is a strange blindness to it all.

I suspect Bob thinks we are more impressed by the arguments of anti-Whites than we should be. And
maybe some of us are. This can be the TOO syndrome of trying to conjure up a Deep System to oppose the
Ultimate Evil we face. Spending years going through every nook and cranny of the anti-White philosophers. Over at Counter Currents, they reprint deep somber texts on Ebola and verge off into some kind of weird mysticism. They take the anti-Whites too seriously.

A lot of thought and mental effort went into this essay and, above all, it was ON SUBJECT.

The floor is open.