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2014 Election Will Be the Return of the Paycheck Right

The paycheck right is looking into an abyss.

But that word “paycheck” ensures it will hang on until some people’s retirement.

The 2014 elections will cause them to have two years from 2014-2016 to say 2012 was just a temporary anomaly.Photobucket

There will hundreds of articles saying that. But the 2014 surge is perfectly predictable. The party
out of power almost always gains in the second term.

More important, the potential election of 2012 was for the second term of a black president. The Democrats’ real base overwhelmingly turned out.

It is likely that in 2014 there will be return of the limited old people, white people vote.

In 2012 we just got a clear look at the abyss paycheck conservatives have been denying existed.

Demographics IS Destiny, but those who have insisted otherwise for so long and so profitably are not going to give it up because of one giant shock of reality.

Reality will be back in 2016, but that will give the respectables four more years of paychecks.