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Jmcault’s Excellent Question

“I am embarrassed to have to ask such a thing and mean no disrespect, but can someone explain how I can use the information in today’s article to help end White genocide and secure a future for my White children? Thank you.”

The best questions I get in comments begin with an apology.

As another commenter pointed out earlier, writing is a lot of work, and I want comments on what I WROTE, and an apology means the commenter has READ what I wrote and is so on target he doesn’t want to hit too hard.

Dungeoneer answered Jm’s question by saying that I give you things to demonstrate and give you a chance too think of things in a Mantra way. Which is very true.

Jm’s concern maybe is that I keep insisting that YOU stick to the Mantra, while I seem to roam all over the place.

I am trying to an officer’s job, which is to work out a strategy while the soldiers do their job.

The problem is that in our case, the only people worth consulting with on strategy are the soldiers who know what the whole thing is about and, more importantly, how convincing people really works. Photobucket

This is unique to our war. The last thing any general wants is his soldiers’ opinions. Hell, even the general’s opinion is of no importance, since the outcome has already been determined by the time the first shot is fired, by people no one hears about.

As I have said here at least fifty times, I do not expect to be here when it is time to go beyond the Mantra alone, so I want to leave you with as much practical preparation as I can for that time.

“How Things Work” is one of my regular topics. It is what I got paid for in practice: making things work in real power politics.

I repeat things endlessly because many commenters would see “upstate New York congressmen” and talk about that. But it is for you to get into any political maneuvering in the real world, and then the question of what sort of gathering to make a decision is likely to come up.

Do we “include everybody?” The paradox here is that “including everybody” means excluding everybody who is not already part of the elite. While I have to give examples from my time and my experience, the point of this article was to warn you that the bigger the assembly, the more the new people, you, are effectively excluded from it.

Go back and read “Democratizing Dictatorship” again and be sure that, when you finally have a chance to enter real politics, and are at the beginning, the elite doesn’t exclude you by “including everybody.”