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History I

Posted by Bob on January 16th, 2013 under Coaching Session

I keep writing about the fact that this is the first time in history where starvation is not permitted to happen. The only exception is the People’s Democratic Republic of Korea. Its name is not North Korea.

Nobody seems to get my point.

No non-white would be willing to give up what the white man has given him. When I was coming up, this was the basis of our attitude toward non-whites. It was OUR technology, and we had as much right to its results as any Soviet had to his privileges for being the son of a Party Member or a peasant, or a Kennedy to the money that was made before he was born by his father.

In short, we took it for granted that THEY owed US.

But that was before the WWII Generation mentality really kicked in. Military training was primitive, It was straight brainwashing, as practiced by the North Koreans on American POWs. Twelve million people who went into the service as male Americans came out obedience trained.

Half of them then took GI Benefits and went straight to Mommy Professor.

If you will read what happened in the Roswell Incident, the same sort of mentality was spread in the general population by rationing and what was called Patriotism: Obedience, Obedience, Obedience. Photobucket

Please do not comment on Roswell. The point here is that in the post-WWII environment, officers and soldiers routinely used language and commands one expects only in a dictatorship, the language Americans had become familiar with during The War.

No anti-white could HAVE the media he is blocking without whites.

To us, the sort of groveling that is routine today would have been unthinkable.

To have the benefits of food, health, and heat and cooling when needed, coloreds had to go through hard times earning heir way in. Our people had had to live through the hard times and INVENT the new world.

Twenty years back, a Canadian documentary showed the lives of Esquimos from old films from when they still made igloos. But there was a regular subscript running under the entire documentary: “NO ONE LIVES THIS WAY TODAY,” to make it clear Canada had not left the Esquimos in that misery.

Misery? The wonderful Living WITH Nature that every native enjoyed before the Evil White Man came?

Canada did not think about this politically incorrect implication of the subscript. The fact is, no non-white would be willing to give up white innovations at any price. But whites raised by the WWII Generation don’t have the guts to say it.

  1. #1 by Epiphany on 01/16/2013 - 6:18 am

    There is a reason the Industrial Revolution began in Great Britain, rather than elsewhere. The British people were simply smarter than others in the rest of the world.

  2. #2 by dungeoneer on 01/16/2013 - 6:35 am

    I saw a TV documentary not long ago about an Indian “middle class” couple.

    They had their little rented apartment and could afford better food, because the man and wife both worked as software engineers.

    So if it was`nt for Western companies off shoring they would still be living in the “medieval” squalor like the rest of the Indian population.

  3. #3 by BGLass on 01/16/2013 - 10:14 am

    I’d heard of “Victory Gardens” but not the war ration books until I accidentally stumbled across some old ones and asked about them.

    An older person (grade schooler in 1940s) told how –even though they were in a very safe part of u.s.– they had to have bomb drills and air raid drills and hunker under their desks for what was recalled as inordinate amounts of time.
    Very like the “school lock down drills” the children experience regularly today “for safety.”

    –this changed my idea of what we’d been taught about the freewheeling 1950s. In reality, the people had been raised on war and military style “safety-drills” (when totally unnecessary) and constant food rations (IE: FEAR of starvation).

    It seemed “the depression” (needing a job) drove “enlistment” much more than “patriotism.” In good times, why would people enlist? So, “economic crisis” might just be to increase ‘enlistments.’

    Anyway, the “drills” the then-gradeschooler underwent were more early training for Mommy Prof. The person remembered the rations with fear. (in the u.s. supposedly “never touched” by war)
    Obedience, discipline, etc, become the values.

    • #4 by backbaygrouch on 01/16/2013 - 12:11 pm

      By the time Roosevelt got the US into the war, unemployment was down. The war business was in full swing before December 1941. After the initial burst of patriotism enlistment was driven by the knowledge that you were going to be drafted shortly. There were some advantages to being a volunteer rather than a draftee. Furthermore, that a Limbo status had disadvantages should explain itself. It is self evident. Most enlistments in reality were coerced.

      An analogous situation has applied since the Iraq war commenced. Often when a soldier’s contract is up he is offered a large bonus to re-up. If he refuses a stop order on his demobilization will be issued so that he will be kept in service [servitude] anyway. Since he will be deployed with or without the bonus, of course, a soldier reenlists. Hence the high reenlistment rates that are touted.

      The goals and justifications of government policy frequently diverge. Example, we are told diversity is our strength. To obtain this diversity, however, one race and only one race, the White race, has to be exterminated so that a multicultural world can consist of an Africa for the Africans, an Asia for the Asians, and White countries for mulattoes, but no Whites.

  4. #5 by Simmons on 01/16/2013 - 10:47 am

    My family cheated on this war effort crap, I listened to their tales of black market dealings. I also want to highlight the difference between the Weakest Gen and their forebearers. A distant relative was a trained geologist, joined the war made major for a supply outfit, stationed in Burma, cardshark moneymaker and then using connections shipped uncut gemstones back to his wife who he gave careful instructions on not throwing away those cheap trunks with trinkets in them. Came home after the glorious victory went into the attic and took the stones out of the trunk handles and became rich and lived in a NorCal mansion. Our poor white family just loved that story of making it, and no we did not bug them for money.

    On the other hand my grandparents called 50 year old men of the WG, “Our Boys.” And thanks to Bob I know why.

    Lastly the Left produces information focused group tested to sound good to adolescent white girls, so if you know how to tell and adolescent white girl to shape up then you are in good shape, and that is the PC lesson learned for today.

  5. #6 by Conrad on 01/16/2013 - 1:14 pm

    None of these problems would exist in the present if only we had of kept them out in the first place. Far away from us is where they should be. And far from us is where we send them ASAP. Let them make it on their own.
    Jack’s War

  6. #7 by Jason on 01/16/2013 - 4:00 pm

    Off topic: This is a short article by evolutionary psychologist Geoffrey Miller on the EUGENICS program that China is working on. This genie will come out of the bottle:

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