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The Final Home of the Eurocide Debate

As the title says this is the final home until a resolution is developed. Any further threads tainted by such talk will lead to being moderated.

I want to get the blog on track again.



Does It WORK?

When I make disparaging remarks about the Catholic Church, BBG reacts. When one guy declared race problems were all the South’s fault, I blasted him. These are personal opinions of mine and BBG’s and has nothing to do with the purpose of BUGS.

I made disparaging remarks about Europe which are pretty common among the few Americans who have had careers working for United States’ interests.

My biases are going to show up in my writing. Don’t go bananas over them All of us have widely different opinions except on the only matter that counts.

The reaction of one European was to point out that he uses the term eurocide. Now that DOES impinge on what BUGS is all about. Photobucket

He did not remark on the only important point: Does “eurocide” WORK any better?

It definitely wastes time in our tiny but successful effort to make the term “white genocide” effective.

Definitions belong in Stormfront or TOQ.

David Duke has always pushed “European-American.”

The problem with “European-American” is the same as that with “African-American”: Real people don’t use it. Unless it’s a school teacher in public, everybody falls back on “black.”

“White Genocide” works. You can try to kill it by painful definitions, but everybody knows what white is and what genocide is.

No term is taken seriously in BUGS except that which, like the Mantra, demonstrably WORK out in the real world. Since the person using eurocide didn’t think to even refer to this factor, he is obviously training his fire on resentment of my anti-Europe biases and on TOQ type, waste of time, exactitude.

BUGSers shouldn’t even discuss it unless it is discussed as WORKING.

You are more than welcome to attack my biases, but never let it interfere with our PURPOSE.