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Our Internecine Fights are More From Boredom Than Anger

A person who presumes to teach you the most powerful art of all, political persuasion, is supposed to get all upset when the troops go after each other tooth and tong. BoardAd, in with his responsibility as editor, is putting this eurocide European-American argument among us to rest.

But one person made an excellent point at the Tennessee Conference: “One of our big problems is that white men want to fight white men.” You give ME a naked statement like that, and I will work it for every bit of gold the ore contains.

We are very prone to really get nasty when we argue a BUGS point. This takes attention away from the fact that we really get excited when battling another BUGSER.

You have spent untold hours getting around the mindless censors and desbots and then arguing with people who sound like they should be required to wear a football helmet all the time.

You come back here and suddenly you are arguing with someone who has a MIND, someone who has an idea what you are actually talking about! A white mind battling with a white mind!

It makes you furious to think that someone HERE is getting something wrong that you see so clearly. You’ve been out there and seen how desperately upset the other side is with us, so you have a healthy suspicion the person is a troll. Paranoia in serious matters is a survival trait in this kind of fight, so don’t get all upset

You are being told you are too knowledgeable to make that mistake accidentally.

It is not a breach of etiquette here to express the possibility that the other is a troll.

This is a war, not a tea party.

But my real point here is that these fights are long and hard for the last reason you would normally think of: Fighting another BUGSER is a RELIEF from BOREDOM.  photo imagesCAD7WXOB_zpsaed59e21.jpg

After battling helmet-heads and the more intelligence mindless, programmed desbots, you run into someone who can actually respond. Just as it is hard for a white man to put a colored enemy into the same category as a white enemy, fighting it out with someone who is making his OWN mistakes and has done some actual thinking is such a relief you don’t even see it as that.

Anti-whites make up facts, but they also look for reality to exploit. They push the Nazis as ultimate villains, but their big advantage there is that they are exploiting natural racism. A book about Hitler will sell today, while Stalin’s daughter’s book about Stalin was a bust.

When someone talks about THE War, they are not only referring to World War II, but what is in their minds is strictly the ETO, the European Theatre of Operations.

That was seventy years ago, but it is The War because it was the last time a full scale, DECLARED war took place between WHITE countries.

The Eastern Theater against the Japanese falls into the Nowhere Land of the wars with yellow Chinese and Koreans and what we think of as brown Arabs.

Despite their insistence that there is “nothing racial about it,” the World Wars and the Civil War will always fascinate people, including nonwhites, while wars with coloreds are forgotten before the last shot is fired.

In my Mantra Thinking, this was very useful insight from when I worked in a prison. Prison psychologists were a standing joke because they always brought their diagnoses with them from Mommy Professor: childhood abuse, anal fixation, the whole Freudian list. Prisoners had a ball. They would come back to tell all of us what that idiot had actually BELIEVED this time.

But I immediately saw this and realized that the main motivation in prison is BOREDOM. The regular staff and the cons were astonished at how fast I caught onto that.

Boredom is the major reason there were so very few of us. TOQ’s and Stormfront don’t do what BUGSERS do because they can’t TAKE it. They would like a nice exciting fight or a loud riot for their race, but the grinding, soul-rotting work we have to do is too hard.

Wars are won or lost by pens, then typewriters and now computers long before the first uniform was even aware it’s coming. But that work is unseen and just plain hard.

When we have fight among ourselves, just use Mantra Thinking to remind yourself of the biggest single motivation.