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DAVE Says the World Was not Perfect Before the White Man Arrived

DAVE says:

The Mantra lifts the veil on the communal self-deception of the Europeans and Americans.

It isn’t the atrocities of the past that keep Europe mired in the memories of the World Wars and America mired in the memories of the Civil War.

These are cultures of self-deception. It is not the past that is sought to be avoided. It is the unendurable implications of the present.

Mommy Professor plays a hideous game. Her caste is a plague upon is. She exposes corpses to the light. She then proceeds to feed upon their fetid flesh. A hideous fate is thereby borne into the present, made even more hideous by a hideous fate in death. Beware corpses that reflect the light of the moon. Some ghastly animal is feeding off their dead flesh. Photobucket

This is an implication of being condemned to hell.

Slavery was liberation for the female slave! She was liberated from the barbarity of her world. While for the male slave, it was an apprehension, a placement into restraints, an imprisonment. It is from HIS barbarity (the barbarity of nonwhite males) that the female slave was liberated. That was WHY she was so JUBILANT to be taken into slavery.

Presently, in America, two million mostly nonwhite males languish in American prisons. No one mentions that this represents liberation for nonwhite females.

And this is precisely what threatens us whites!!!

Only a TRULY DELUSIONAL people celebrate Martin Luther King Day.

Robert Whitaker really did a number on us with the Mantra. Its IMPLICATIONS are bigger than even he knows. He lifted the veil off the whole damn thing. He reconnected white people with reality.