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Western Thought is Yes or No

 photo imagesCA0QG5E2_zps238a78c2.jpgMany times I have seen an adult writer say “a pronounced accent.”

How the hell can you have an accent that is NOT pronounced?

It is pretty common for people who are trying to sound sophisticated to trip over their own words this way.

People say, “Think of the sound of one hand clapping.”

My reply is “One hand doesn’t clap.”

They then give a sophisticated sigh, and tell me that is an Unanswerable Question from Eastern Culture.

I reply that I, too, have a culture, and my culture has an answer. In fact, mine is the first culture to stop worshiping guys sitting around and contemplating their navels while children die of starvation around them.

One hand does not clap.

Now, do you have anything worth while to talk about?