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You Are Not Denying White Genocide, You Are Justifying It

We know what anti-whites are going to reply. In fact, this is very much like capturing the enemy’s plans. Do not throw that advantage away.   By now, our veterans are disciplined enough to stick to the Mantra, AND to make use of the enemy plans we have in our hands without letting them out from under the gun.

The one that gets me most frustrated is when an anti-white responds, as they almost all do, with White Guilt.

No matter what the temptation may be to talk about whatever they say, our disciplined response must be, “You are not denying genocide, you are justifying it.”  photo imagesCARTS25K_zpse8e85a48.jpg

And, as with Mantra, STOP.

For us, that precious period that ends the sentence is our basic strategy.

Don’t forget to use that that charge.  But toss the bomb and get the hell out!

Nobody but a pro can see how we have already changed the whole debate. We OWN anti-white. We OWN “All and ONLY” about white countries. These are giant victories. But only pro would notice that.

TOQ is interested in in looking good in a debate. Stormfront, bless them, is, in our terms, a playground for amateurs, but our specialty is making charges.

And stopping.

We are not here to wow them with our detailed knowledge of the Crimean War. We are here to hit them with very carefully selected bombs and fly off. We do not want them to remember what sophisticated Class Acts we are, we want to hit with our charges and LEAVE.

So what am saying here is that, if you have a chance to hit them again, and they use that predictable, “It’s whites’ fault,” PLEASE hit them with “You are not denying white genocide, you are justifying it.”

We have our stab and we almost always know what his riposte is going to be.  It will leave his tummy wide open.  It breaks my heart when you don’t gut him.