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Anti-Whites Insist That Integration Must Be Enforced Everywhere Because Whites Don’t Want It

As I pointed out in “You Are not Denying Genocide, You are Justifying It,” we can take advantage of the fact that we know exactly what the enemy’s replies will be. That article stated that we know most of them are going to say how horrible whites are.  photo imagesCAWSHJ05_zps4eb4ef2b.jpg

The reply to this is, “So you are justifying genocide.” They are admitting the program is to rid the earth of whites, but that is OK because whites are so awful. Which sounds a lot like what Hitler said about the Jews.

Then there is the “Nobody forces you to intermarry” bit.

This leads us to an interesting insight into their views they never mention. I leave it to you how to use it AFTER you have made the Mantra clear.

The whole white genocide movement is based on the assumption that if there is any white community anywhere, all whites will go there. Integration must be forced, because always no country can be white.