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Silence, Please

Once at the Pentagon Station in DC, a boom box was playing loudly and all by itself. I went to it, pretended to be trying to adjust it and pushed it over the railing. It smashed about fifteen feet below.

Note that none of the officers and soldiers who wore tributes to their own heroism dared do this.

That boom box was not there to boom for its owner. Few ever were. They are the offensive weapon of the anti-whites’ pet animal.

One ad I saw had a black guy saying, “And don’t mess with mah base.” You cannot object to banging reaching your apartment because “It’s a black thang.”

John Derbyshire got fired for saying that blacks are rude to white customers because “It’s a black thang.” So paycheck conservatives and the so-called bravery of the military are demonstrated in two examples. Anti-whites have the dependency on their blacks that the Mafia does on its “soldiers.”

If you STILL can’t figure out what I mean by The Silence you have lived in all your life, take the example of the black man who got the Democratic nomination for senator recently in South Carolina.

There was a total front-runner, approved by the Democrats, and this guy was unknown.

But he won. Overwhelmingly.  photo alvingreene_zpsb439d490.jpg

You see, most blacks at the polls don’t vote. Blacks hand out a list of who their masters want them to vote for at their churches and, thence, to the community. The list got mixed up at the last moment.

The total anomaly of a complete unknown getting the Party nomination would have been the basis of an endless number of articles in any other case. A Plain Joe Gets the Nomination for the US Senate just doesn’t happen any more.

Nobody, least of all paycheck conservatives, discussed what happened any more than the Mafia would discuss those “workers” who just sat there and got paid for work their union controlled.

Everybody went through the whole campaign without a word about it. Those who were in the business knew not to touch. The dumb bastards who never noticed The Silence before didn’t notice it this time.