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Once Again, We are Samizdat

One chance you might have to bomb again, if you have done your basic Mantra work, is when somebody bitches about our putting the Mantra on their fun site.

Once again, we are samizdat. We are not allowed to speak our piece anywhere, so we have to impose it on people. Give us our rightful access to the media and our right to present our side and we will not force our views on the public any way we can.
Until then, we will behave like any other group which is silenced by censorship.  photo imagesCABIDU69_zps60557914.jpg

Another subject:
I wrote a bitter article called “Dream Warriors.” I was disappointed when a very important point, how to deal with the “Intermarriage is voluntary” bit, was not picked up. Once again, this goes back to my samizdat days. I shortened the long arguments about Communist theory down to: “If Communism is any good, why does EVERY Communist state and ONLY Communist states wall in their population and shoot them when they try to escape?”

So if diversity is so great, why do the media suppress even any MENTION of any all-white country or community? Why does EVERY white country and ONLY white countries have to become ALL diverse?

Like Communism, if you see the forest and don’t turn tree-watcher, you should hit anti-whites with the fact that, for all their suppression of cheer leading for Diversity, they have to censor all opposition and all alternatives to keep it going.

Hitler could have used this method of genocide on the Jews. Just send all the male Jews to one African country and all the female Jews to another. Genocide accomplished and nobody killed. But the world would not sigh and say was all just True Love.

As the Genocide Convention says repeatedly, genocide can be accomplished by selective transportation with no killing. You can get rid of a race by selecting every community of that race for immigration and assimilation. All it requires is that you suppress anyone who points it out.