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Anti-White Whites in the Post-Republican Era

The critical point is that Republicans kept their paychecks by becoming the white party while desperately denying it was the white party during its entire trip to the ocean.

I have written continually about the magic of electoral arithmetic when we rid ourselves of the provincial view. As the 2012 election showed, whites are now a helpless minority posing as a majority in the name of Republicanism.
 photo deadmeat_zps7de66e19.png
The myth of white “values” ruling the world will be reinvigorated when the old folks turn out in 2014, but by 2017 even the media will not give Republicans continued status as The Other Side.

White Supremacy, in the form of traditional white values, is now on its way to being recognized as a myth. Whites are a Republican bloc, else not one Republican elected official would exist in this country.

As I have pointed out repeatedly, whites as a majority are dead meat, but they will be the most powerful minority in American history.
That is just arithmetic.

As I pointed out long before Obama’s entry into the presidential race, when Hillary Clinton was the clear front-runner, minorities are throwing out their White Champions and, the as white vote becomes less necessary to them, they are demanding minority candidates.

Oddly enough, the fall of Republicanism is at least as much a disaster for paycheck anti-whites on the left as it is for the paycheck right. The whole industry on which white genocide is based is heading into a crash dive.