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Buying Silence

Paycheck Futurology is easy. It is lot like paycheck conservatism.

You find out how the powers that be want the future to be and you predict it. The news media want disasters to report. The people who control funding want ammunition for their ongoing campaigns for conservation, global warming and so forth, causes for which money is raised or about which the chic set is excited. photo fairchild_zpsade3872b.png

The only difficulty with professional futurology is that there is no incentive whatsoever to be right. No Futurologist ever criticizes or even reads futurologies.

The same is true in all of research. Finding hard evidence of a nightmare, that whites came to America before what one commenter describes as Siberian-Americans coming down through the land bridge, they had to admit something that before only a “racist crazy” would have posited.

They’ve covered it. Yes, Europeans did come over on the Arctic ice sheet and the Clovis Point did originate in Europe. They needed an out, and they needed it FAST.

Now “they have discovered” that EVERYBODY came over before Sibo-Americans. They have declared that massive migrations came from Africa, Asia, Australia and everywhere else!

Before the Sibo-Americans got here, America was not white, it was a melting pot!

Despite the earlier shock, Just-So History is the final conclusion.

If this didn’t come from Trusted Academics like those who do Global Warning, a grizzly old examiner like me might question such perfectly convenient results.