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Discredited, Ignorant, Failed, Intolerable, Etc.

I noticed a moderator on SF declared that the Mantra is a “failure.”  photo imagesCAHUBOY1_zps506a18c7.jpg

It is routine for anti-whites to make a YouTube where they read out the Mantra, talk to themselves, and declare it “discredited.”

They say we are “ignorant” because of our opinions. They ever specify what we are ignorant OF.

They have now gone on to the “We won’t tolerate you” line.

These are all readily recognizable signs to an experienced propagandist. If you look at each of them, you will see it is an excuse not to answer something they cannot contradict.

The field of battle looks very different from the one I entered using the Mantra on Opposing Views on Stormfront.

Discredited, ignorant, failed, intolerable. These are all excuses to return to the Silence which is the last refuge of all despotism.