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Jason’s Question about Samizdat

Jason commented on my article “Why Do Those Who Benefit From the Mantra Attack It?

JASON says: “Everyone commented on how Horus’s optimism sparked their interest in the Mantra. None of the groups mentioned are optimistic. I still visit those sites, but none of them have ANY agenda that I can see.”

“That ties into the lack of optimism. They aren’t pushing for anything”.

“Pro-Whites will eventually benefit from what we are doing, but it may not be those groups. It will probably be an entirely new set of leaders.”

“Was there a parallel in the USSR? Were there dissidents who were against the use of propaganda pamphlets? What happened to them?”

Since the media has forgotten the fall of the USSR, and I am one of the few Americans who dealt with samizdat, I’ll try an answer. photo pravda_zpscd3a7978.jpg

The publishers of samizdat (It means “self-publication,” a crime in the USSR where all private production, especially of information, was outlawed) were astonished that, when the USSR failed, so did their own publications.

They soon realized that they were publishing illegal goods, and whatever they wrote would be bought on the black market. But when the press became free, they had no experience competing in the open market.

The Party hacks turned Pravda into a saleable publication. They even included one of MY articles, since I was a professional writer with experience. The idea that PRAVDA would have a Bob Whitaker article really blew my mind!

Also it was the Party hacks like Putin who took over in the power vacuum, not the dissidents, except for Walesa in Poland. Walesa had already had some practical political experience.

So, as usual, Jason’s question hits an important point. In order to succeed in a power struggle you have to have some experience with power struggle. And to succeed in a writer’s competitive market requires more than only black market experience.

That is why Sam Adams had so much to do causing the American Revolution, but it was his second cousin John who became president.