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Is Morality Self Hatred?

One remark in a traditional Oriental exchange when business men met was the standard asking about the wife: “How is the flower of your household?”

The husband would reply: “That pig is in good health.”

The whole exchange consisted of one man asking about the other and in each case one would praise the other highly and each would reply in terms which consisted of modesty gone berserk. It is considered polite to put yourself down and compliment everything about the other person.

Whenever we deal with foreign countries, it is considered polite, when all else is equal, to praise the other country.
This can be overdone. It has been overdone to the point of a fatal societal disease. That is why it is so important that we emphasize how bad treason is. photo dorian_zpse55f32d5.jpg

Over the years I have noted a great change in anti-white whites’ reply to the Mantra. When the Mantra began to be used, fully half of the time it was answered first with the words, “But I am white.” This reply has all but disappeared. This is an enormously important signal. It means that, even if they haven’t seen the Mantra directly, our tiny crew has had enough effect on the entire country that “anti-white” is no longer justified by “I am white.”

At the same time, it is important for us to realize that this is where this anti-white disease began. Mommy Professor makes denouncing one’s own people sound like the highest possible virtue. This is one reason I warn against “traditional values.” For almost two thousand years the highest virtue has been self-hatred and self torture. We are just now looking closely enough to notice how Christianity came to regard self-torture as a higher good than helping others.

The result has been a society which treasures self-hatred. If you don’t understand where anti-whites came from you don’t know your own history.