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The Gitsby Rule

A council of war is under way. General Ridgeway says that it will begin with an artillery barrage. General Gitsby says, “Artillery barrage, artillery barrage. We are always doing artillery barrages!

“I was reading an enemy publication and it says we are just stuck on artillery barrages. They say it is making us look ridiculous. We don’t want to look ridiculous, so I say we send all our artillery back for scrap metal.” photo colhall_zpsa28b2f73.jpg

Such a statement would immediately cause Gitsby’s fellow warriors to conclude that the responsibility has really gotten to him, and they would recommend that he be retired immediately.

But the Gitsby Approach is the way the paycheck right chooses its leaders. When the paychecks stumble onto an argument that is really simple, effective and unanswerable because it is obviously true, the left simply sneers at it and the paychecks abandon it.

I have mentioned this repeatedly and gotten no comments on it:
“When guns are outlawed only outlaws will have guns” is true and effective. But all the anti-gun crowd had to do was have somebody fashionable like Christopher Hitchens say, “These hicks are going to use the old refrain that if guns are outlawed only outlaws will have guns.”

This instantly causes every respectable conservative publication to stop it just as it caused Gitsby to want to scrap his artillery. The only difference is that Gitsby would be retired, while a respectable conservative or most TOO types would get promoted for it.

The army that retires Gitsby has an excellent chance of winning. An army that promotes Gitsby for throwing away his artillery to be respectable is doomed.