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Once Again, the Point Was…..

Some commenters were wondering why the other side can simply turn off an effective line of argument by saying “That’s the old hick line,” “If guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns” or “Saving the white race.”

I have pointed out here literally dozens of times that the media choose to let conservatives into the media with whom they feel comfortable. In 1960 there would not be a single national TV discussion, it would consist entirely of liberal Republicans and liberal.. photo liarsclub_zps2148cdba.jpg

Opponents of the TV establishment were let in slowly as the conservative movement grew. Those with whom liberals were comfortable, Buckleys, Hannitys and Lowrys, became prominent. Those who refused to fit in and insisted on statements everybody knew were true but which made for a short and decisive debate were excluded.

Likewise, the anti-whites have chosen their opposition, and this paycheck opposition must concentrate on respectability, which leads to paychecks. I have pointed this out, literally, a hundred times. I’ve never seen it noted here.

Though I am a recognized pro, no one calls on me to debate the pro-white side. Fox asked SF for a spokesman, and I was the only one who would do it. They cut out my reciting the Mantra in the second one and no one asked me back, though I am a qualified professional spokesman.

If you THINK about it, you know why. But I have discussed it a hundred times and it hasn’t been noticed.

People are twiddling off far too much on whether we will win or lose instead of listening carefully to how you should play the game.